Monday, March 23, 2009

Crystal Ball?

It's not just Seattle. When I arrived here, I thought wow this place is great, it was sunny, I was on vacation and the world was great. Slowly its gotten a bit more gray, today it rained. This trip wasn't so much what I expected. I'm hoping things will change when we get to Florida. It's been great to see Jamie but somehow I feel a disconnect. With this place, with her.

I feel depressed. Part of me wants to be on vacation, happy, feel relaxed. Instead I'm staying in a cramped apartment on the floor and its a bit anticlimatic. I really think I'm not meant for this weather. Instead I wake up thinking, well, what today. We had fun Saturday night, flirted with some cute boys and drank and ate fried cheese curds. I have improved my mario cart skills.

I'm finding myself playing on my phone, not really in the moment, yet the phone doesn't even really entertain me. Maybe I had such high hopes for vacation that its fallen short? Hopefully it will get better tomorrow. I need it.

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