Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Finally in Florida. Not too bad flights via Charlotte, NC (aka CLT). I'm starting to finally relax. No more chaos. I have my own bed, room and bathroom (well shared with M). I'm happy to see my Dad and Joan. It feels peaceful here. No cat meowing at the door, husband singing watch the monkey dance and being sprayed with water while sleeping on the floor in the living room. Rather we were greeted with take out chinese, air conditioning and most of all sun. I'm grateful for Jamie and her hospitality, but I think next time things will be different. We had a great last night with "date night" at the bowling alley, however due to the amount of wine, little sleep was had by all. I'm hoping things are ok there...... I want her to be happy.

Now, its time for beach and sun. Trying to plan a mini-getaway while here, but its snowbird season so everything within a reasonable driving distance is over $150 a night, not exactly within budget. I want to make the most of our time here, relax, still need to figure out how to do that, I'm still in city mode. I have a few books, I want to read, actually I should pull one out instead being on this stupid thing. Maybe watch a few movies, my Dad just got a kickass 52" HD Plasma TV, must take advantage of that. Already pulled out the Corona in a can from last time, awaiting our arrival hahaha. I also want to journal a bit. Utilize the time for reflection. What's next keeps on poping up in my head. Still thinking about Austin. Had a good talk with M last night at the last bar, reminder of things that need to happen. Looking forward to mojitos at the cuban place, the private saltwater pool/beach, swimming in the ocean and feeling the sand in my toes. I keep on thinking vacation is almost over, but really I have 5 full days here, its just begining. Only checked work e-mail once so far, then quickly turned it back off, no need to be obsessive. My boss did tell me to relax and enjoy.

PS... Lots of cute "manly men" in MSP, but I have a feel they are the same duds.........

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