Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Bright and early a text appeared on my phone, from D saying guess who just landed on US soil, I jumped for joy, she's back. A month ago she left for an epic trip to Australia. Hearing her voice on the phone was so familiar, I could talk to her for hours, just like that, no time had passed yet so much had happened in our lives.

A similar experience Sunday evening. Celebrating S's birthday, we shared mac n cheese, champagne & cupcakes, her favorites. Sitting on the couch conversing, S, Nora & N., I thought wow, I've really missed these ladies. I can see new people a thousand times, but there's nothing like a true friend. S busy with the election, N playing more soccer & nesting with J and me discovering a new world, our lives converging less and less, but that's ok, as N says. Two years ago, these ladies weren't in my life. I was struggling to find my place in Seattle, friends to call my own. Our friendship has grown. I'm extremely thankful for them. We share each others journey- jobs, boyfriends and passions.

I still continue to build my network. Food friends becoming real friends. Learning more about each others lives, sharing. Joking today with M that some are now even more real, we are Gchat friends, ha!

Thankful for the old and new. And yes, sometimes a bit of distance reminds us how much we do care.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm early for once, well actually instead of going home I decided to come straight to dinner spot. I can smell the pizza from the street. This is my life, sometimes I want to shake myself, is it real. How did I get so lucky.

I'm watching a little girl have a meltdown. All too often in my head I'm throwing the tantrum. On a side note, how cute they speak French! I digress. I need to learn to verbalize my feelings & emotions. Stand up for myself. Not a hard concept. Ardous. The wall prevents the words, instead they sputter, the fauwcet is dry.

Take more risks. Explore. Embrace. Live by my advice. Oh and continue to find myself.