Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interior Transformation

It's Saturday, but I'm awake at 7:30am, how ironic that most mornings it takes the jaws of life to get me out of bed yet this am I could easily jump out of bed. I am the kid on Christmas day. My brain is on one single track that plays over and over and over. Last week I brought together 4 wonderful ladies and tasked them with arduous endeavor of redecorating motel 6. In preparation, I laundered piles and piles of clothes, cleaned- still more cleaning to be done, doesn't quite "sparkle" the way I want. Noelle arrived with a poster of inspiration- things that represent Lorraine. Denae and I worked on our own personal weekly goals, evaluating the success of previous weeks, I was on track with the home stuff, off track with eating. Natasha and S, they arrived with a mission. We first brainstormed- what I needed, how my place should reflect me and most of all that is was not necessary for me to check out quite yet rather revamp my living space to bring peace to my inner core. My hand me downs and Craigslist finds were good, but lacked a cohesive style. The first step was we re-arranged the living room, cleared out old boxes from QA and did some adjusting in the bedroom. Quickly the yin and the yang of my apartment changed- my bed now framed by both side tables/lamps that I love looks inviting. The living room now flows into the kitchen, for an open feel and ease of entertaining.

Step Two. S and N both started to send a multitude of e-mails, CL finds- new furniture, fun accents from Etsy (my new favorite site)- including an incredible find of a $350 Ikea Armoire for $75 to hide my television. S- with her lack of inertia for work, picked paint samples, tirelessly throughout the week sending me links and suggestions. Today was planned as decorate/paint day. Yesterday got the formal go ahead from the landlord. Last night after working WAY too many hours this week, I decided to actually leave work at 5pm and a trip to Pier 1 was necessary. Still not feeling completely confident in the plan for today, I needed some direction, so I asked S to come. We wandered, found the cross I liked (yes, I am hanging a cross in my apartment!) then we looked at curtains, pillows and other various accents. Found a lamp that I love for an affordable price. Next, Target (Targe). The vision came together. Not going to make the grand reveal yet, that is saved for pictures later tonight. The crew is coming over today to help transform (minus N- she will have to wait for the grand finale).

There is the big Prop 8 march today- my heart is there, but today my brain is on other things. I in complete solidarity support the repeal however I don't think I am going. I want to make another trip to Target to possibly pick up a lamp, Crate and Barrel and other last minute details to prepare for today (already have the wine!). Cycling is in an hour, I should get out of bed and go. However, I think I will clear out the garbage, get the cooler in the car and do other tasks to really prep for today. I feel like once this task is complete I can focus on working out again (and new headphones since the cat chewed on mine leaving me with one less earbud).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Stop Believing

My alarm went off yesterday, but I didn't need the annoying beep that I dread daily. I quickly got dressed and left my apartment. I was a woman on a mission. I drove to Coe Elem. which is right behind the old QA apartment. I had my voters registration card in my purse. Ready. In front of me I hear 610 1/2 W. McGraw... its tweet tweet. I say hi. She says come sit next to me. I get my official ballot. I start to fill it. I've never done this before. I have a confession. It's actually my first time voting ever. In the past, I thought, oh we'll win, or neglected to register. This year was different. I wanted to caucus. And now, the day is here. I actually started to put X's through the circles, no I needed to fill them in completely (Thanks Robyn). I was done. Pretty easy. Exhilerating. The Rush of knowing I had the power to make a change. Pretty cool. Proudly wearing my "I voted" sticker we had coffee- she filled me in on the gossip of the new neighbors.

I headed to work. Hopeful, neverous my emotions were stronger than expected. I already planned to go to Babeland for my free silver bullett at lunch. I tasked Kyle to watch the election results. Hour by hour my attention span faded, wanting to grab my champagne from the fridge and head to the Westin. 5pm hit, I was ready. Checked Cnn- McCain 8, Obama 3. It's early. I meet Deb for some drinks, we are gaining ground, I can already feel the momentum gaining. Obama gaining more and more electoral votes. I think he's going to do this. Happiness exuding from my pores. We get on the SLUT (just realized it was my first SLUT ride) to the Westin. Head to Jaxon's suite. Everyone is there. And the night went from there, we celebrated. We laughed. Victory was close. Finally it was time to head to the main ballroom. The room was packed. I had grabbed a celebratory glass of champagne just in case. We pick a spot. Rick Steves spotted in front of us... hot damn! And then its announced. Ohio. The election is ours. We did it. I scream, feeling happier than I've ever felt before. Fists in the air, yelling our motto "YES WE CAN." Our hell of the last 8 years is over. We made history- the first African American president. Obama is the man. Wow... I'm speachless. The energy and emotion in the room is indescribable. We make phone calls, texts start coming through, oh my god... its really happening.

We return to the suite to watch his acceptance speach at Grant Park. Crazy. I'm on the 39th floor of the Westin hotel celebrating with some of the most incredible people I know. I'm over-joyed. Adrenaline rush through my veins. It's happened. McCain surrenders. No more worries of Prez. Palin- which now has come out that the Mavericks barely spoke to each other. Not sure what he was thinking, but for sure a recipe for failure. We continue to party. I make some blue drink that is pure alcohol. I'm golden for the rest of the night. We party like rock stars. I accost Rick Steves. We visit several parties. My first spiritual political experience was the March for Women's Lives in 2004, this was a million times better. My country just voted for a political leader I believe in, not just anyone, the man that gives me chills and makes my heart tingle. He believes in equality. He supports choice. His wife is awesome. And most of all, he believes in the power of his country not in the scary way of Bush, rather our power to change, celebrate our freedom. I finally leave the Westin at 3am. The lastest I've stayed out in a long time. Still a bit drunk with my bottle of CMS red I stole from Gregoire's party- oh yeah, we ended up in one of her parties.

Wednesday was the morning after. Just like the first time you have really hot sex with someone, the glow remains and you are on top of the world. We had come together as a country. My hangover loomed, it was going to be a rough day, but 100% worth it. A friend recently compared Nov. 5 to post 9-11, but the opposite. Stories of people hugging each other in the streets, yelling yes we can. A friend told me about people on his bus celebrating. Rosa Parks would be proud. Last I watched videos, read blogs, our nation rejoiced. Neighbors in Capitol Hill played Don't Stop Believing. The song, the crowd pretty much sums up how I felt.

We have a long ways to go. Prop 8 still looms. Schools to fix. States that voted against gay couples adopting. States that continue to pass anti-choice measures. However, we have a President elect who supports gay marriage (civil unions), pro-choice measures, comprehensive sex education, preserving our planet, and tax cuts for the average working american. I plan to go to church this Sunday, to give thanks for bring change and hope to our nation.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I finally did it, i put on my running shoes and went out for a run. The streets are covered with leaves, but I persevered. I think I ran for about 40 minutes, well actually ran/walk. My heart rate was up for sure. I stopped back by M's house for a drink of water then kept going. On my journey I saw several walks of shame, people out with their children, couples drinking coffee on their porches and the condom I almost stepped on. Plus remnants of last night- pieces of Halloween costumes that were abandoned by partiers, candy wrappers, empty beer cans and of course many jack o'laterns decaying on steps. 

The fresh air is rejuvenating. The air is crisp. More importantly it is quiet. I sometimes forget that I don't like the city. I'm like those yin yang cookies, half of me is white chocolate and half is dark chocolate. Part of me loves the city, the urban lifestyle- the restaurants, the happy hours and the constant flow of people. Yet the other half thrives on trees, smaller communities, being by the water and a less complicated way of life. Then there's the part that wants the bigger change. Austin is still very much so on the brain. I have quite a bit on my plate right now, I'm working longer hours, I still want to be in better shape physically and I am in the process of making home home. I hit a low this past month. I was hiding from myself and others. I found myself trying to find comfort in food- eating badly and still feeling empty. I neglected the gym, made excuses why I couldn't go- I was still slightly sick, I had to do stuff at home (which I never really never ended up doing) and I wouldn't pack my stuff. A friend put a challenge on- we both set goals and I'm trying to get back on track. I need to motivate myself. Remind myself how good I feel when I eat better, workout and keep a well rounded life. I tried this dating website, not entirely happy with the experience, then like so many other things in my life abandoned it when bored.  I see a pattern, but not quite sure how to overcome it in my life- counseling? Drugs? More journaling/writing? All of the above?