Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rice- Staple of the Economy

Sometimes we forget that one of our cheapest and most basic foods, plays a valuable role and factor in the world economy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

oooops.... stuck in Florida

So, we kinda stayed at the beach tooo long (sshhh, Al, don't tell them why I missed my flight... yes there was traffic tooo.....) so we missed our flight, yeah, apparently there's no such thing as getting to the airport 30 minutes in advance anymore! So all the flights to Seattle are completely booked and we couldn't get on a flight till Tuesday (unless we wanted to pay $500 each for a first class upgrade Monday night). I guess three more days of vacation is fine by me.... fyi its 84 the next three days :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I can't sleep. I don't know what it is, however basically almost every night I have been here, sleeping has been a challenge. My first night after a long day of traveling, I slept a solid 10 hours, but even since it has been rocky. One night was a grand total of 3 hours after falling asleep at 6:30am, then waking up at 9:30am. The last two nights I took a melatonin so I could sleep, but alas I didn't take one tonight and here I am wide awake. Yes, the bed is hard as a rock as Bunny on SATC would say, I believe Firmly In a Firm mattress, and I miss my oh so soft one at home. But I've been out and about doing things, so really I SHOULD be tired, but not so much. I even have skipped the DD coffee (Michael is obsessed with the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee). Had an iced latte this am at the new better Starbucks (note to Corp, one should not have a Starbucks with bright pink computer printed signs saying now open 24 hours and please be patient for your coffee, seriously folks, I think Charles Schultz would not be happy if he knew....), but that was it for my caffeine consumption.

I should put the computer away, turn off the light and try to sleep, but I'm not really tired. I keep hoping being on this thing since it is what I normally do to go to sleep and I'm generally asleep by 11ish.

This has been an amazing trip and exactly what I needed after the after-math of moving etc. Rest and Relaxation is really the solution sometimes. I haven't thought about work literally one bit except to call Sherrie to tell her about the crazy roller coaster, oh and when I saw the Landstar truck (yah, freight is oh so much fun!). I will write more later about all of the crazy things including riding the roller coasters at Busch Gardens, the beach (perfect white sand and so many hot men, it is even inspiring Michael to get up earlier so we can do the beach longer tomorrow!), fun family time (mmmm steak dinner!) and of course all the other moments. I've been good about taking lots of pictures to remember my "spring break." Hahaha! Ok, I think I am going to try to turn off the light to sleep.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

sun tanned toes

well i'm in florida and its hott here! being in seattle, i sometimes forget about the sun, what it feels like on my skin, bright blue skies and most of all feeling warm. Its after mid-night and i'm wearing shorts and i'm still hot! Today was relaxing, just wandered around a local touristy area, had a mojito (it was damn tasty!) and a sangria :) at this little cuban place. I'm starting to go into vacation mode but not quite yet. Leaving Seattle wasn't hard at all, I was ready for a break from the normal hustle and bustle of life. Although getting up at 4:3am after going to bed at 2am the night before was a bit harsh, plus waiting for a bus in downtown at 5:45am was oh such much fun! We had an amazing view of Mt. Rainier though from the plane, literally flew right over it- Michael captured some awesome shots, that i'll post later.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, however it might be "cold" so maybe something indoors. It was actually raining when we arrived, it was like "uh i thought we left this in Seattle!"

Oh and highlight of the day was while were having our afternoon drinky, we saw up an old ladies skirt, she forgot to close her legs and her husband had tp stuck to his shoe as he was leaving. Yup, welcome to Florida folks.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

moving and feeling good

I know its been awhile since I updated and per Michael's request, I am finally writing again. My hiatus was mostly due to moving, not having internet at home for awhile (ok three days, but it seemed like an eternity) and also limiting my internet surfing time at work rather taking a real lunch.

I am officially a Ballard resident now, well for a week and no I don't have a free Ballard bumper sticker. The move went really well thanks to many awesome friends who came to help. I am almost completely unpacked besides the bathroom, I even have pictures hung up thanks to Carla! I am trying to be diligent about picking up after myself, keeping the apartment neat/orderly so I don't go back into old habits. Today I even cooked my first meal in the apartment- eggs and hashbrowns, nothing fancy but still a first. I even found out that one of my burners smokes and how I forgot how long an electric stove takes to heat up. I will take pictures soon, but want to get the boxes out of the living room. I even have my first tentative house/birthday party scheduled! Most of all, it is starting to feel like home. Yes, I miss QA, my super hot long showers with the awesome pressure, but for now until I figure out how to turn up the water heater, they are more lukewarm with minimal water pressure- yes, time for a new shower head. I first was unsure about my Three's Company/70's lackluster apartment, however I have come to appreciate it and grow to like it. No I don't love it yet, but its turning out pretty cute plus its not freezing like my other place. Several mornings I have woken up hot, believe me that never happened in the old apartment. I feel content here. There's serenity. Living alone is nice. Everyone told me I would like it, they were right. It's not a bad thing.

Life has been really good lately. I find myself surrounded by "good people," I'm developing an awesome base of friends, trying new activities- kickball, bowling, book club, exercise classes, happy hours and other sorts of activities. I have things to look forward to every week, I like that. Being social makes me happy. However, I am working also on more inner peace. Last week I had kinda slipped in my strict diet, eating out often and ordering "banned foods" I was scared to step on the scale, stopped weighing myself daily and was convinced I had gained at least 5lbs. This weekend I finally did step on the scale, the number was the same. Seeing the number be the same validated several factors, one that I can enjoy going out etc, that I know how to watch what I eat/portions and can still maintain my weight without obsessively tracking my calories. Yes, I need to start going to the gym again, keeping up with being more toned/losing a few more pounds. Regardless, I am at happy weight and I have to realize I do look good. Trying to see myself naked in a more positive light has been a struggle even post weight loss, however its starting to be a bit more clear.

Right now I am excited for Florida. It's currently in the low 80's which is perfect beach weather! It will be fun to show Michael my favorite beach there, my escape place where the world seems to make sense. Plus I think we are going to a theme park, which I haven't done ever really. Seeing my dad will be good too, he's kinda now my rock parent that I don't appreciate enough for his generosity and support. Speaking of which I need to go tanning as my wedding tan is fading.

I promise to stay more updated with this, post links to interesting articles and share more about whats going on in my life. I haven't even had the change to read the NY Time in several days. Oh and I finally hit level 36 on WoW.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I find with my new diet or rather life style change, I struggle the most with eating at work. I've learned to overcome going out mostly, sometimes if I order something fatty, I don't drink or only one beer, eat half of the portion (especially if I get something fried) and the next day make sure to eat healthy. However at work I want to eat all day long. I don't know if I'm bored or what, but even once I eat, I am thinking about what next.

Usually I have something simple for breakfast- I try to vary what I eat, a yogurt container, egg white from Trader Joes & a fiber cake, Kashi Go Lean Waffles or Heart Healthy Oatmeal and sometimes a piece of fruit. Then 10am hits and I get the hankering for something again, sometimes I ignore the craving or thats when I eat the fruit. But then I start thinking when can I eat lunch. Lunch time comes and it's usually a Trader Joes salad, a healthy microwave meal or one of the good light meals from Subway, Taco Time or my pork noodle bowl from Pho Cyclo. Then I want a snack, string cheese or popcorn and something sweet- a piece of chocolate or a pudding cup. Am I really not eating enough? Or is my body bored? Sometimes I try to curb the craving with water, lots of water, but then I spend half the day peeing. I stopped using my calorie counting website because I was obsessed and always figuring out how to keep my calories lower- note 1000 calories is not enough for someone who works out, you will not lose weight. I have to remind myself, yet, theres a voice in the back of my head that says fewer calories=weight loss, therefore eat next to nothing and you'll lose more.

Some nights I go out, so I eat. But the nights I go the gym and then come home, I have to remind myself to eat. Like last night after going to the toning class that kicks my ass at Rain, I had 5 chicken nuggets from Trader Joes, about 220 calories, that was dinner, that's it. I know I was compensating for the weekend, I had splurged several days, ate out a bunch. My weight was a up a few pounds, so I cut back and now its back to 175, now there could be other factors- salt/water retention etc and building more muscle. At home, I don't have the urge to snack, is it the fact I am distracted by Wow so I'm not mindlessly eating, which is so easy to do at work. I'm not watching tv, which I know I would eat sometimes, but even when I do turn it on, I don't snack. I literally have no snackfoods in the house- except for some animal crackers I just bought so I'd have something. The ice cream in the freezer from months ago remains untouched, I'm just not craving it.

It's actually a goal for my new place to have more food at home, start cooking again- maybe even have people over for dinner so I can get the satisfaction I love from sharing homemade food with others. Open a bottle of wine every once in awhile. Little things that I should do to make home a part of me, but also enjoy food more. Someone made the comment a few months ago as he watched me barely eat one of my favorite dishes at our favorite restaurant, your not eating. I literally didn't even realize that. It was a very healthy meal something as pointed out to me that I would of made for us at home, yet the yearning for it was gone. I read menus, food reviews/articles, everything sounds delicious, I want to try it, but once I get it, theres something lacking. My passion/love food for food is not what it used to be, it's diminished. The only time I really want food is when I'm drunk, yes because my inhibitions telling me not to eat are gone and the world is my oyster. I'm sure its a very familiar struggle for anyone who has lost significant amounts of weight, but I want to overcome this.

Perceptions: Watch Your Weight, Sure, but Don’t Worry About It - New York Times

Good point, this is very true and I should remind myself of this with my obsessive weighing!

Perceptions: Watch Your Weight, Sure, but Don’t Worry About It - New York Times

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little Things

Sometimes a very simple gesture can mean a great deal. Tonight when I logged onto Wow, I found out I had mail, after trying to get to the mailbox I was pleasantly surprised to find several gifts from a friend. It totally made my night! I now have a new weapon, shield, boots and leg armor. I am halfway to 35, I really can't wait to get my mount, although I need to start making more money, which means working on my professions (skinning and mining).

Yes, I am a warcraft dork...... Packing is becoming a challenge.

Something for Free?

Often I think I'd love to take a class on .... but I can't afford another $100 to learn about beer making etc. However, I just learned about this new organization in Seattle committed to exchanging knowledge for FREE, something that now days seems to be a rarity.

I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really. - New York Times

I started this awhile ago, but haven't done much with it. However an article in the New York Times yesterday inspired me to share this....

I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really. - New York Times