Sunday, May 24, 2009


Enjoying sitting in a random bagel place, not having to cook my own food while improvising. Sasquatch was good, my favorite performance for sure was Bon ivar. Missed most of decemberist but from what I heard from afar solid music. Happy m got to experience the gorge, although we both came to the conclusion we were feeling a bit old. Camping has been mostly relaxing, went on an awesome hike pretty high up outside of leavenworth. It's our last full day, going to a lake and authentic Mexican in Wenatchee, haha just like the infamous labor day camping trip. Ok off the bat phone, back to vacation mode.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

finding inner peace

Wondering what's next. Really great day yesterday, seattle was hoping, sun out, the city felt alive, but maybe that's because I did. Realizing how lucky I am to have such great friends, my life is full, but days like yesterday make me think, do I belong in a place that days with the sun are more of a rarity? My own issues and problems will still follow me no matter where I go. I google mapped my walking route, 5 miles, easily walked, hoping to do more walking now that the sun is out. Should actually get up and out, walk for coffee before mother and mum get here. Now that depressive slump us over, want to account for health better, but wondering how. Especially with $445 in bills for the basic lab tests from last visit. Scheduled naturo path visit, but probably can't afford blood work. Stupid health system and insurance.

Want to continue to better myself, challenge thought patterns. Feel happy with myself and body, most of all enjoy life. Good things coming up, Sasquatch and camping, hopefully a nice hike, weather seems promising. And another opportunity to see live music, discover new bands plus spend time with M especially if he leaves to pursue his passions finally.

Ok need to get up, no more stream of consciousness. Uh oh kitty coming to cuddle, must resist!