Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Happiness Project

I feel a new chapter opening up in my life. It's called the Happiness Project. N recently has me reading my horoscope, not one of those cheesy ones telling me I will meet the love of my life on the 14th, rather one more about patterns and insight, resulting in reflection. Hers has been spot on this year in respect to her love life. Until now, I was a bit unsure about mine. I understood the general direction, but unclear as to the exact attributes. Obviously travel and exploration seem to play an integral in my life right now with an impending trip to France this fall.

This evening I met with four other women who throughout this journey will remain anonymous. Tonight we talked about some of our individual goals and aspirations. I feel really good about this group. Tonight I learned more about some personally than I knew. Friendships have the opportunity to grow, support and accountability. Within our conversation I realized a few things about myself. The first step is to read the book- well I joked, I've had it for 25 days and I haven't really touched it beyond browsing, getting a sense of the ideas, the purpose. I brought forth a few goals and aspirations for this year, well for myself. Others have similar intentions.

Looking forward to moving forward to the next step, opening a new phase of my life and finding my own personal happiness.

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