Friday, December 18, 2009

Worlds Collide

Tonight my friend invited me over to watch a silly girly movie. We gathered at her home, she had invited some new people. I walk in, introduce myself. I notice someone, she looks oddly familiar, immediately she comments. I rack my brain but can't figure it out. We watch the movie, then chat, learn more about each other. One girl brought homemade pickled green beans picked from her garden. Another leftover holiday desserts. Simple.

Finally I ask familiar looking girl, did you go to college around here. Yes, she replies. UPS? Yup. We graduated the same year. We had Women and Global Inequality together my junior year. My favorite class in college with my favorite professor. Yes, that's why she looks familiar.

Funny how the universe brings us together. A dear friend I met via Twitter, invited another person she wanted to get to know more via Twitter. Our lives connect. The world is smaller than we think. Communities collide. Each day mine grows. The roots spreading farther and farther, making more connections. Sometimes intentional.

I'm thankful for my roots growing. They support me. Some older, stronger. Others still young, fresh, but equally important.

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